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Referendum has nothing to offer

07 Jun 2012

Neither Scottish independence nor British unionism. Sarah McDonald looks at the launch of the "Yes" campaign

Reform Ltd gets five

11 Jul 2024

Politics continues to move to the right, with Reform UK now having a ‘bridgehead’ of MPs, writes Eddie Ford. What happens next with the Tories, now that Kemi Badenoch is the front-runner, remains to be seen

A Gaza election?

11 Jul 2024

The low turnout and lack of enthusiasm for Labour could not prevent a Tory bloodbath on July 4. Paul Demarty examines the results, and warns of the right’s hidden strength

Right questions, wrong answers

27 Jun 2024

George Galloway launched his Workers Party of Britain manifesto before the assembled media. It is characterised by an eclectic mix of World War II nostalgia, radical populism and ‘socialism in one country’ Stalinism, says Carla Roberts

Banging the drums of war

30 May 2024

Rishi Sunak’s dismal national service plan is certain to flop. However, Paul Demarty takes the opportunity to renew the call for a people’s militia

Blood of the innocents

23 May 2024

Sir Brian Langstaff’s Infected Blood Inquiry reveals a disgraceful litany of deceit, delay, neglect and corporate greed, writes Ian Spencer

Third period Bennism

09 May 2024

Should we support George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain in the coming general election? Carla Roberts gives her take on the politics, programme and perspectives

A very Tory ban

25 Apr 2024

With Labour support, the Tories’ smoking ban is likely to pass - but, on historical evidence, prohibition is hardly likely to work, says Paul Demarty

Selective memory syndrome

18 Apr 2024

Paul Demarty admires George Galloway’s grand ambitions, but warns about a complete inability to deliver. Meanwhile, a forgetful SWP sticks to ‘strikes and streets’

Staring into the abyss

14 Mar 2024

Far from Jeremy Hunt’s budget being a ‘gamechanger’, it has backfired on the Tories, writes Eddie Ford. Indeed, with Braverman, Anderson and now Hester, the government has suffered one PR disaster after another

Courtship by mega-donors

07 Mar 2024

Tories are still capitalism’s preferred party of government, but Labour’s commanding poll lead helps explain why so many of the filthy rich are shifting their loyalties, writes Eddie Ford

How we should contest

07 Mar 2024

While Corbynism has produced little more than demoralisation, Tusc’s approach to elections has been a complete failure. Edmund Griffiths offers a contribution aimed at leaving behind puny goals and statistically irrelevant votes

Screaming blue murder

29 Feb 2024

Lee Anderson, Liz Truss and Suella Braverman are trying to further their despicable careers in the only way they know how, writes Paul Demarty: by hate-mongering against Muslims

Threat to Sunak from right

29 Feb 2024

If polls and by-elections are to be trusted, the Tories face a big challenge from the far right - and before that the possible loss of former vice-chair Lee Anderson, writes Eddie Ford

Not within touching distance

08 Feb 2024

Sinn Féin might appear, to some, to be on the cusp of realising the long-held dream of Irish reunification. However, if it happens, there would be a huge price to pay, argues Anne McShane

Safe space for business

01 Feb 2024

Team Starmer is being supported financially by very high-net-worth individuals and big companies. Have no doubts we are on course for the most rightwing Labour government ever, writes Eddie Ford

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