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Anarchist origins of the 'general strike' slogan

17 Mar 2011

We set up this debate in response to widespread calls from the Trotskyist left for the TUC to call a general strike against the cuts. This is Mike Macnair's opening

Thoughts from afar

04 Jul 2024

Which way for the DSA? There are those who hanker after a Labor Party based on the trade unions, like the Labour Party in Britain. Max Shanly offers some considered words of advice

Upping the fight

27 Jun 2024

Neither the Tories nor Labour will commit to full pay restoration, writes Richard Galen - that despite the huge popular support for doctors

Limiting competition is key

28 Mar 2024

Whatever the government does over Rwanda, irregular migrants will keep coming. Eddie Ford defends the right of people to live in whatever country they choose, but we clearly need more than individual rights

Courtship by mega-donors

07 Mar 2024

Tories are still capitalism’s preferred party of government, but Labour’s commanding poll lead helps explain why so many of the filthy rich are shifting their loyalties, writes Eddie Ford

Not much left of the left

05 Oct 2023

So many rival projects and not a serious idea amongst the lot of them. A week ahead of the Liverpool conference, Carla Roberts looks at what little remains of the once mighty Corbyn movement

Empty promises, real threats

10 Aug 2023

James Linney picks apart the NHS workforce plan and warns that Sir Keir’s Labour is committed to exactly the same agenda of privatisation and austerity

Doing deals with Sir Keir

20 Jul 2023

Is building a Labour Party mark two a viable strategy? Kevin Bean of Labour Party Marxists looks at the Unite policy conference and beyond

Tinseltown’s hot summer

20 Jul 2023

Writers and screen actors need to win in their strike against the media giants, says Paul Demarty. But our aim must be a better, a higher culture

Labourism on Mogadon

18 May 2023

Though a Labour government is by no means certain, it would represent a major political turning point. Vernon Price reports on the aggregate of CPGB members and supporters

Lowering the stakes

18 May 2023

Starmer’s promise to be ‘New Labour on steroids’ is not about being exciting, but boring. Eddie Ford offers some thoughts on mainstream politics

Party, unions and programme

11 May 2023

Kent Kiser and Awi Blanc of the Red Labor Caucus take issue with Parker McQueeney and call for the DSA to make an immediate ‘clean break’ with the Democratic Party

After the 49.3 nuclear option

13 Apr 2023

Increasing the retirement age to 64 has triggered huge protests. But, asks Paul Russell, with Macron in his final term, with cracks opening up in his party and with no natural successor, could Marine Le Pen finally make it into the Élysée?

Turning retreat into attack

23 Mar 2023

Why are so many trade union officials settling for below-inflation deals? Kevin Bean says unions must be democratised, and renewed strength used to beat Rishi Sunak’s latest anti-trade union legislation

Striking for pay restoration

16 Mar 2023

Richard Galen welcomes the growing influence of the left amongst junior doctors and how this had led to a surge in BMA membership

Picket lines and ballot box

09 Feb 2023

Mass strikes, soaring food and energy prices, Tory sleaze scandals - all speak of the return of the ‘British disease’. Eddie Ford says that is why sections of the mainstream media could well back Sir Keir in 2024, and why we need our own political alternative

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