Society & Culture

Günter Grass and the German neurosis

19 Apr 2012

Maciej Zurowski looks at a literary scandal and the bourgeoisie's attempt to cope with its past

Units of state terrorism

15 Oct 2020

David John Douglass reviews Harry McCallion 'Undercover war: Britain’s special forces and their secret battle against the IRA'

Shattering account

08 Oct 2020

George Evans reviews Clare Cowen's 'My search for revolution - and how we brought down an abusive leader'

Loss of biodiversity continues

01 Oct 2020

A global socialist solution is becoming ever more urgent declares Jim Moody

Death and conspiracy

01 Oct 2020

The libertarian right is peddling nonsense. Yassamine Mather issues a health warning

Testament to failure

01 Oct 2020

With over a million deaths globally, writes Eddie Ford, criminal incompetence has inevitably led to a second spike

Socialism or extinction

17 Sep 2020

Wildfires in Oregon and California point towards catastrophe in the near future, writes Eddie Ford

Incoherent mosaic

17 Sep 2020

Mike Macnair reviews 'Degrowth in movement(s): exploring pathways to transformation', essays edited by Corinna Burkhart, Matthias Schmelzer and Nina Treu

Arguing against the wrong ‘Marxism’

17 Sep 2020

Despite commonly believed myths, writes Chris Gray, Marx and Engels saw human emancipation as linked to the protection and enhancement of nature

A very unlikely story

10 Sep 2020

Can anyone really believe that the US government is run by Satanist paedophiles? Paul Demarty investigates the QAnon phenomenon

Positive and negative

10 Sep 2020

Daniel Lazare reviews Christian Parenti's "Radical Hamilton: economic lessons from a misunderstood founder"

Defeat of syndicalism

10 Sep 2020

David Douglass reviews Ian Wright's "God’s beautiful sunshine: the 1921 miners’ lockout in the Forest of Dean"

Great questions of our time

10 Sep 2020

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group discusses David Graeber’s ideas and activism

Worse than useless

04 Sep 2020

Too little, too late. James Linney takes apart the Tories’ so-called ‘obesity strategy’

Prom and prejudice

04 Sep 2020

As the BBC finally agrees to allow a select group of vocalists to sing ‘Rule, Britannia!’ and ‘Land of hope and glory’, Harley Filben takes stock of musical nationalism

Racism and jealous gods

13 Aug 2020

Overweening taboos on certain slurs do nothing to aid our understanding of racism, argues Paul Demarty

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