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Another split, another sect

26 Apr 2012

The left must organise on the basis of genuine democratic centralism, argues Ben Lewis

Assessing Adolph Reed

04 Sep 2020

Jim Creegan looks at the thinking of the American left’s foremost anti-identitarian

Unity and organisational principle

13 Aug 2020

Mike Macnair looks at the regroupment call from Socialist Resistance and Mutiny

Arise, Lady Fox

06 Aug 2020

The Revolutionary Communist Party has gone on an odd journey, writes Eddie Ford. After emerging from the SWP, it has travelled from the Red Front to the Brexit Party - and now the House of Lords

Behind the aircraft

04 Jun 2020

The left is in danger of playing a conservative role over Covid-19. Our aim should be to set the agenda, argues Mike Macnair

Transcending convention

07 May 2020

Neil Davidson: October 9 1957-May 3 2020

Lenin avatars

30 Apr 2020

Mike Macnair looks at the treatment of the 150th anniversary of Lenin’s birth in some of the left press

Another fine mess

30 Apr 2020

Once again the SWP is embroiled in scandal over historic sexual misconduct, reports Paul Demarty

Death of a radical intellectual

20 Mar 2020

Yassamine Mather celebrates a brave and outspoken critic of the Islamic regime.

Socialist Fight’s split

20 Mar 2020

Gerry Downing has dropped his support for Ian Donovan’s anti-Semitic theories about a pan-national Jewish-Zionist bourgeoisie. But, asks Tony Greenstein, what took him so long?

Lessons being learned

12 Mar 2020

Elements of the US left have at last awoken to the possibilities opened up by Bernie Sanders, writes Paul Demarty.

Still in denial

06 Mar 2020

It is all very well for the SWP to condemn Weinstein, writes Paul Demarty, but what about the legacy of its own rape scandal?

Crooked formulations

23 Feb 2020

No human is illegal, says the Morning Star. But, notes Eddie Ford, the paper goes on to argue that not all humans should be legal.

Stalin’s ‘united front’ party

13 Feb 2020

The treacherous role of the Tudeh Party after the 1979 revolution is well known. In the first of two articles, Yassamine Mather shows how the origins of its opportunism were bound up with the diplomatic interests of the Soviet Union.

George’s marvellous medicine

13 Feb 2020

The pro-Brexit Workers Party is a strange amalgam. But asks Paul Demarty, can it make an impact?

Two alternatives

09 Feb 2020

James Marshall discusses the clear choice facing the Sheffield conference of the Labour left.

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