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Racism as thoughtcrime

05 Apr 2012

In the light of the jailing of Liam Stacey for making racist comments on twitter about footballer and recent heart attack victim Fabrice Muamba , Paul Demarty takes a look at official ant-racism and the attitude of Marxists.

Prom and prejudice

04 Sep 2020

As the BBC finally agrees to allow a select group of vocalists to sing ‘Rule, Britannia!’ and ‘Land of hope and glory’, Harley Filben takes stock of musical nationalism

Racism and jealous gods

13 Aug 2020

Overweening taboos on certain slurs do nothing to aid our understanding of racism, argues Paul Demarty

Not just one idiot historian

09 Jul 2020

Slavery involved the loss of life on a staggering scale, and it was bound up with the capitalist mode of production, writes Eddie Ford

Power of child-like logic

09 Jul 2020

Without a centralised leadership BLM risks playing into Trump’s hands, argues Daniel Lazare

Statue wars

19 Jun 2020

Eddie Ford says it is healthy to question the iconography that is all around us

Calling a different tone

19 Jun 2020

Will Stratford of the US Platypus Affiliated Society explains why he thinks it is essential for the left to question the establishment’s hegemonic anti-racism

Racism and Covid-19

19 Jun 2020

Capitalism itself is the cause of structural social inequality, writes James Linney

Race über alles?

11 Jun 2020

Daniel Lazare looks beneath the skin of Black Lives Matter and reveals the links with big business

Salvini, Israel and anti-Semitism

09 Feb 2020

In Italy IHRA-style propaganda is linked to anti-migrant racism, writes Toby Abse.

Reject the IHRA

08 Aug 2019

The decision of Tower Hamlets council to refuse to host the Big Ride for Palestine is both cowardly and shameful, writes Tony Greenstein

Marx and Jewish emancipation

14 Mar 2019

By citing a few thoroughly decontextualised phrases, the establishment finds Marx - and therefore contemporary Marxism - guilty of anti-Semitism. Jack Conrad puts the record straight

Explorations of inequality

21 Feb 2019

Andrea Levy: March 7 1956 - February 14 2019

Our rights threatened too

17 Jan 2019

Although Britain’s far-right yellow vests are an obnoxious assortment of racists, xenophobes and odd-balls, we must defend their right to protest, says Eddie Ford

Review: 22 July, directed by Paul Greengrass

18 Oct 2018

Out on general release and Netflix

Where next for the SACP?

20 Sep 2018

As the ANC continues to lose support, Peter Manson looks at the dilemmas of the ‘official communists’

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