WW archive > Issue 859 - 31 March 2011

Taking on redder hues?

Eddie Ford argues that Ed Miliband is shuffling to the left as the resistance to the Tory-Lib Dem cuts takes mass form


Class act; Pick and mix; China; Genuine; Conspiracy; Marxist tripe; Incompatible; Reject Labour

Supporting us

Robbie Rix is sure some reading the paper for the first time will want more

Unity across the Arab world

The Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt are a group that adheres to the same tradition as our Socialist Workers Party. Peter Manson asked Mohammad Hamama, a prominent RS member, about the prospects for the working class movement in Egypt and beyond

Arm the movement with Marxist politics

James Turley reports on a good day in the fight to build resistance to the coalition's austerity

The long road to the Arab revolution

Moshé Machover addressed last weekend's CPGB aggregate on the defeat of the Libyan revolution, Al-Jazeera, and the goal of Arab unity

Debating Labour left and left Labourism

Alex John reports on the March 27 aggregate of CPGB members and supporters in London

No defence of Benghazi

Gerry Downing of 'Socialist Fight' believes the anti-Gaddafi rebellion is totally reactionary

You are useful idiots

The imperialist assault on Libya has rallied many on the liberal and socialist left in its defence. James Turley argues that this makes an anti-imperialist perspective even more urgently necessary

Organising for things to come

The amended perspectives document, as agreed by the March 2011 CPGB aggregate

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