WW archive > Issue 1191 - 22 February 2018

Further into farce

How much longer can Ukip limp on, wonders Paul Demarty?


Strange ‘theory’; Perhaps; Horror; Trouble at JLM; Paranoid; Anniversary

Lansman and witch-hunting

Momentum has drafted a ‘Charter of members’ rights’, which promises to put an end to the deluge of unjustified suspensions from the party, writes Carla Roberts. But it does not oppose political expulsions and also leaves the compliance unit untouched

Genesis of ‘new Sinn Féin’

Kevin Bean looks back to the 1980s and 90s and the taming of the republican movement

Expelled for opposing Zionism

Tony Greenstein reports back from his disciplinary hearing

Determined to win

Dave Douglass reviews Steve McGrail and Vicky Patterson Cowie miners, Polmaise colliery and the 1984-85 miners’ strike Scottish Labour History Society, 2017, pp146, £6

Greatest abuse of humanity

What is the link between neoliberalism and identity politics? Rex Dunn offers his thoughts on what he thinks was a remarkable broadcast

Turkish armed forces meet determined resistance

‘Operation Olive Branch’ has given rise to increased repression and an intense outburst of chauvinism, writes Esen Uslu


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