Kind words

We narrowly failed to make our £2,000 fighting fund target for August, falling short by just £68. Still, the second half of the month marked a vast improvement over the first - no less than £1,434 came our way from August 15-31!

Let me highlight several outstanding donations. Pride of place goes to comrade EG, who contributed a magnificent £300 by PayPal. Then there were three substantial standing order payments, each of three figures, from, KB, PM and SK. Other standing orders included those from MM (£75), DG (£60), GB, TB and JT (£50 each) and TR (£40).

Then there was comrade PB, who handed over £60 in cash to our editor at the CPGB’s Communist University. On top of that, two US comrades clicked on the PayPal button. In addition to regular donor PM (£25), comrade WE, who has been reading the Weekly Worker for “seven or eight years” now, has set up a new monthly donation of £5 in appreciation.

Finally comrade OG sent us £15 - admittedly “a small cheque”, she wrote, but that’s “better than no cheque at all”! We ended August £1,932 better off.

And now we’re into September and, as usual, the month has started with a good number of standing orders - no fewer than 17 of them, ranging from £6 from DC to the £30 contributed by CG and ST, EW’s £40 and AC’s £50. Finally, HT sent us a handy cheque for £25, which means that we start September with £327 in the kitty after just four days.

But now we need to make up for August’s shortfall, so we can continue to put out the weekly paper, about which so many of our readers have nothing but kind words.

Robbie Rix.