£557 still needed

Robbie Rix will be only too pleased to hear the solidarity rolling in

This week has been a much better one for our fighting fund, with an extra £495 coming in - more than twice as much as last week. That takes our running total well over the £1,000 mark to £1,193. But now we have to do even better, with even more needed by this time next week if we’re going to reach our £1,750 target for November.

But if this week is anything to go by, I’m sure we can do it. There was a nice batch of standing orders, which came to £355 all told - thanks in particular to SK, MM and TB for their usual generosity - plus a couple of handy PayPal donations from KP (£40) and TR (£5). Those two were among our 2,952 online readers over the last seven days.

KP writes: “Thanks for your coverage of Momentum and the purge” - as a Labour member he was only too pleased to click on our PayPal button.

Finally, there were two cheques - from DC (£50) and DF (£20 added to her subscription). But that still leaves us needing £557 by November 30 - please make sure we get there.